The Cost reducer for winter road maintenance

Highly efficient TELEFLEX® snow plough blades:
Benefit from up to 70% more area performance!

Snow plough blades from professionals in the field

With TELEFLEX® snow plough blades, winter maintenance is no longer a problem, even with varying path widths, narrowings, parking spaces and obstacles.

Clearing snow has never been as efficient, flexible and safe as with a TELEFLEX® snow blade. It can be extended to almost double the clearing width while driving.

Costs can be greatly reduced in the long term:

  • Less time required due to high area output
  • Lower costs: no changeover or downtime, smaller and less vehicles
  • Rapid amortisation!

This also improves your CO2 balance with regard to a resource-saving overall fleet and shorter distances. 

See our TELEFLEX® snow plough blades in action (image movie):

You can profit, too!

Experience the advantages of the snow ploughs