With our TELEFLEX® snow plough blades you can almost double the width while driving - hydraulically flexible and stepless!     


  Up to 70% higher area output          

  No changeover times

  Less manoeuvring

  Smaller and less vehicles required

Flexible, safe

Pavements of different widths in one operation

Side streets e.g. with two instead of five clearing lanes

Special areas included: pedestrian zones, narrowings, car parks ...

Reduced risk of accidents: obstacles can be easily avoided

Professional quality

Robust design with long service life
High-class professional quality

Born from practice, developed for practice

Patented concept

Made in Sigmaringen
, Germany

Cost savings

smaller and less vehicles needed
less time required

quick amortisation

Employee motivation

Many difficulties and inconveniences in snow ploughing are eliminated.
Those who have experienced the difference no longer want another broaching sign.

CO2 savings

smaller and less vehicles needed
considerable reduction in journeys

Our customers

Communities, municipalities
Service providers, maintenance services

Companies with large premises

Agricultural businesses